Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Weigh In Update

Hi Guys hope everyone is well - well had weigh in last night and wasnt nervous for some reason (maybe i should be i tend to do better lol) anyhoo lost 0.5lb not fabulous but hey it all counts - would have preferred some more but no point moaning no-one will listen ha ha so now i have lost 23.5 pounds in 11 weeks which is better than a kick in the teeth - with another 11 weeks till i start wedding dress shopping so my target for the next 11 weeks is 11 pounds - should be acheivable (hopefully lol)

Have a majorly busy and dangerous food wise week this week so do not think ill be losing next week - arrrgggghhhh gonna try and behave but its gonna be so hard lol. Wednesday im off to see the A-team cant wait so will be KFC for tea gonna be good thou and plan ahead and make sure i have enuff points sorted i should be fine.

Thursday, Friday & Monday im off work very dangerous!! and were off to nottingham for the weekend which means eating out and alcohol - omg im gonna be good take lots of low fat snacks and try and make sensible decisions but its worrying to say the least if i get one of my wild heads on it could all go wrong he he but i can but try.

So hope everyone has a good week and ill speak to you next week - take care folks x

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