Monday, 20 September 2010

Rubbish Week :(

Well how is everyone ive been a bit moody this week dont know why just one of those things i think, weigh in last monday was a disaster i think all my bad deeds caught up with me and kicked me well and truly up the arse put on 3 pounds.

Although on a positive note its made me behave more this week although im well and truly dreading tonights weight in - ill be really annoyed if i havent lost ive pretty much done a fast start this week in order to make up for my sins so i guess the day of reckoning will be tonight.

Wish me luck cos ill need it xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Ok im soooo sorry ive not posted for over 2 weeks im so bad !!! Ive been mad busy and just kept forgetting you can punish me later.

Ok what have u missed well wedding wise things are still going ahead full steam photgrapher booked invite designs being made favours being purchased so all going well there.

Family wise things arent great my mum who has a history of depression and generally not being very sensible when it comes to alcohol has been up to her old tricks again and her other half has left her! Hes had enough i cant blame him she is hard work he normally comes back but we will see, so she is off the rails at the moment. Unfortunately i live 300 and odd miles away now so my auntie and uncle ( who are like my gran and grandad) are having to deal with it all and their to old for all the crap really so I feel a bit guilty that im not there to help.

Weight wise all good i cant complain really had a stay the same on the 30/08 which you know is fine i hadnt eaten properly that week so i wasnt surprised and then i had what i thought was a bad week ate loads of food including bad food and went on monday and id lost 3.5lbs - i have no idea how lol but im not complaning!

So i have no officially lost 33 pounds and 10% of my original body weight so im really pleased with my little self - only 2 pounds till my next silver seven yey :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Im neglecting my blog :(

Im sooo bad ive been neglecting my loyal followers again - sorry folks ok what have i been up to.

Well i lost 0.5lb at weigh in on monday which im ok with as i thought i might have put on as i had yet another night out food & drink oh and another fry up lol - so im trying to be extra good this week so that i get the 1.5lb off i need for my 2 stone, so fingers crossed.

In wedding land my first favours arrived there are so cute ikkle elephants awwww (no im not crazy im getting married in a zoo), next month i might order the leopards i think. Design came through for my save the date cards although i dont like em they look a bit cheap so im gonna see if i can come up with anything this weekend that looks better lol :) so watch this space i might post the pics up for a vote lol if i remember. We also booked the honeymoon so cant wait its gonna be fabulous check out the link below if you wanna nosey where ill be going. But heres a sneaky peak for you sooo cant wait.

speak to you soon folks have a great week everyone xxxx

Monday, 9 August 2010

sambouca and cake is the way forward in life !

Hullo my loyal readers sorry ive been neglecting you im a bad person i know so what have i got to tell then.

Well didn't weight in last monday as we were late getting back from Nottingham had a great weekend drinking and eating lots - i should have done a blog about the amazing cake i had last week i mean amazing does'nt cover it ! It was sex on a plate god knows how many points it was and i didn't care lol it was ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo good anyhoo came back from nottingham and as we had been bad anyway we decided to compound the bad and have pizza and garlic bread with cheese :( it felt good being bad but the feeling of impending doom was not that good deary me.

Anyhoo to limit any damage caused by the above sex on a plate i tried to be good last week but i had a night out on saturday so started saturday with a fry up ( oh yes from a cafe and everything ) then had a salad and then went out and drank my body weight in alcohol lol i mean cocktail, wine & sambouca - and yes yet again i didnt point and loved every minute of it :) BAD GIRL !!!! So sunday you would think id get up and be good wouldnt you i mean that would be the sane thing to do but hell no i went out for another fry up!!!!

Dear god you can imagine how much i was dreading weigh in cant you so i toddle off tonight thinking i can handle a small gain and jesus i lost 2.5 pounds nearly fell over you know im gonna get bit on the arse next week dont you lol - anyhoo celebrated with a crunchie !!

So hopefully i will be good this week and get some more blubber gone only 2 pounds till 2 stone !!! Go me !!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Weigh In Update

Hi Guys hope everyone is well - well had weigh in last night and wasnt nervous for some reason (maybe i should be i tend to do better lol) anyhoo lost 0.5lb not fabulous but hey it all counts - would have preferred some more but no point moaning no-one will listen ha ha so now i have lost 23.5 pounds in 11 weeks which is better than a kick in the teeth - with another 11 weeks till i start wedding dress shopping so my target for the next 11 weeks is 11 pounds - should be acheivable (hopefully lol)

Have a majorly busy and dangerous food wise week this week so do not think ill be losing next week - arrrgggghhhh gonna try and behave but its gonna be so hard lol. Wednesday im off to see the A-team cant wait so will be KFC for tea gonna be good thou and plan ahead and make sure i have enuff points sorted i should be fine.

Thursday, Friday & Monday im off work very dangerous!! and were off to nottingham for the weekend which means eating out and alcohol - omg im gonna be good take lots of low fat snacks and try and make sensible decisions but its worrying to say the least if i get one of my wild heads on it could all go wrong he he but i can but try.

So hope everyone has a good week and ill speak to you next week - take care folks x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Happy Bunny :)

Its Me again and im happy woo hoo after all my doom and gloom of yesterday ( think i may have been being slightly dramatic! ) i lost 2.5 pounds which means ive now lost 23 pounds yey - 2 pounds off 25lbs and 5 pounds off 2 stone BRILLIANT!!!! Feeling much better and happier silly moo that i am.

Also got a payrise at work yesterday so it turned out a good day in the end despite me being miserable.

Well this week im gonna try extra hard cos i would like to get the 2 pounds off if possible but we will see what happens i suppose xx

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bad Mood :(

Will somebody explain to me why i feel bad please lol its doin my head in !! I havent got much to feel bad about and to top it off i feel really fat today and i just know im gonna have put on tonight at ww :( i can feel it - i will be really annoyed if ive put weight on after i was so good on friday when i was out id rather have enjoyed being bad and understand why ive put weight on if you know what i mean. Anyhoo i suppose we will find out the dreaded result tonight, Ill let you all know tomorrow how i get on.

On the plus side im watching some cross trainers on Ebay as i need to start doing some excercise to shift some weight - so watch this space hopefully in the next couple of weeks ill have one - and then i can come on here and complain about how hard it is lol oooh you are lucky people getting to listen to me moan all the time!