Monday, 20 September 2010

Rubbish Week :(

Well how is everyone ive been a bit moody this week dont know why just one of those things i think, weigh in last monday was a disaster i think all my bad deeds caught up with me and kicked me well and truly up the arse put on 3 pounds.

Although on a positive note its made me behave more this week although im well and truly dreading tonights weight in - ill be really annoyed if i havent lost ive pretty much done a fast start this week in order to make up for my sins so i guess the day of reckoning will be tonight.

Wish me luck cos ill need it xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Ok im soooo sorry ive not posted for over 2 weeks im so bad !!! Ive been mad busy and just kept forgetting you can punish me later.

Ok what have u missed well wedding wise things are still going ahead full steam photgrapher booked invite designs being made favours being purchased so all going well there.

Family wise things arent great my mum who has a history of depression and generally not being very sensible when it comes to alcohol has been up to her old tricks again and her other half has left her! Hes had enough i cant blame him she is hard work he normally comes back but we will see, so she is off the rails at the moment. Unfortunately i live 300 and odd miles away now so my auntie and uncle ( who are like my gran and grandad) are having to deal with it all and their to old for all the crap really so I feel a bit guilty that im not there to help.

Weight wise all good i cant complain really had a stay the same on the 30/08 which you know is fine i hadnt eaten properly that week so i wasnt surprised and then i had what i thought was a bad week ate loads of food including bad food and went on monday and id lost 3.5lbs - i have no idea how lol but im not complaning!

So i have no officially lost 33 pounds and 10% of my original body weight so im really pleased with my little self - only 2 pounds till my next silver seven yey :)