Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Weigh in & General Phone joy :)

Well weigh in was poo!!!!! I put on half a pound :( isnt it weird that i knew i hadnt lost weight ooooh maybe im psychic anyway that put me in a bad mood last night so i went to bed and watched the boat that rocked to cheer me up.

I thought today was gonna be rubbish as well it didn't start off great i over slept grrrrrrr i hate it when i do that ! Im not good at being late it winds me up - im a grumpy moo sometimes but today turned out better than i thought !

It was upgrade day for my phone always a good day really but i thought i wouldnt be able to get the phone i wanted but i could thanks you woman at orange your great :) So tomorrow my shiny new blackberry 9700 arrives - I Love New Toys !!! Probably wont be able to work it but it should keep me amused for a while and the best thing is i now get to buy a case for it the question is how sparkly do i go !!! Diamonte's here i come woo hoo x

Me & my man

Heres me and my man this pic isnt as bad i dont hate it lol but could do without the rolls of fat lol x

Pics of me x

Thought i would add some pics of me at my heaviest - so you know what i look like and i will add more as we go along hopefully with me looking slimmer lol - this is me and my girlies the best friends in the world - I hate the way I look in this Picture i hate the outfit and everything - Yuk x

Monday, 28 June 2010

Catch up time

OOOh where have i been i really dont know to be honest lol - nothing exciting has been happening had time of the month last week so was feeling a bit sorry for myself and have had my darling other half all weekend which was nice yey :)

Saturday we went for a walk along the beach and then round the shops although couldnt buy anything as dont get paid till wednesday so i have 80 pence till then woo hoo - im rich - not!!! I should be rich its not fair i would be good at being rich!!

Yesterday i watched the pain that was the england game - my god why do i do it to myself why havent i got the sense to just ignore it lol anyhoo i suppose we have the olympics to look forward to we may win sommat there! My gorgeous man made a scrummy tea last night homemade burges and chips ( oven chips ) i ate loads didnt go over points but still didnt need to eat as much as i did lol but god they tasted well nice.

So today im feeling a bit fat probably cos i scoffed my face last night and its weigh in tonight so im dreading it - i will be happy with any loss please weigh in god!!!

Ill let you know later how i get on ttfn xxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Fat Club Day :)

Woo hoo yes I am feeling very happy with myself in fact i would like a big CHUFFTY badge please - I lost 5 pounds still cant believe it am amazed and giddy all in one lol.

Which means i have now lost over a stone & i also got my 5% yey woo hoo go me :) In fact if i lose 2.5 more pounds i will have lost 1 and half stones my god !!!!!

Cant remember what else happened today not a lot anyway lol i just lost weight !! oh and for the record my wonderful other half lost 4 pounds as well and got to his first stone. So were a happy housey tonight xxx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Weekend

Well friday was a bit of a rubbish day have had a cough and a cold and was feeling sorry for myself was supposed to be going out that night but had to cancel so i didn't pass on the lergie. So idecided to treat myself in the morning so i had my breakfast at Maccy D's yum yum - double sausage & egg meal - it was fit! But i was good the rest of the day and still manage to come in under points woo hoo im a good girl really he he :)

Saturday my gorgeous man was off work and the sun was shining so after a nice lie in we decided to got to deal and have a walk along the seafront and maybe have a mooch round the shops and yes you have guessed it as soon as we got there it pissed it down ! looked like a drowned rat so didn't do as much walking as i wanted and had a fry up lol at the cafe - ended up going over by about 5.5 points yesterday but i had them saved up so i dont mind - Saturday is my treat day and always the day im bad, finished the day with a film & WW wine - I love saturdays with my Man.

Today i'm in for a day of excitement well basically washing! otherwise ill be going to work naked and I don't think the world is quite ready for that yet :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Update on Diet & Wedding prep

Well i have already been dieting for 5 weeks i go to weightwatchers as i need the regular weight in to kick me up the butt im useless without it so fat ive lost 13.5 pounds so all going well. My weigh in night is a monday so im sure ill keep you all updated with whats happening on that front.

Wedding Update: Im a lucky girl my mum is very nicely paying for my wedding which is amazingly generous and i am gonna try and contorl the spending - so far i have picked the venue cant tell you where its a secret just in case anyone i know will find this blog work outs its me and tell everyone i know - thats would be a disaster - lets just say its amazing and i love it. I have also booked the hotel for the wedding party for the night b4 and the night of the wedding apart from that youve not missed much. Oh yeah and ive organised the hen doo lol - i have my priorities in order!!

So your right up to date now with where im at everything else ill report along the way and also probably a load of rubbish you dont need to know but hey im a sharer :)

My First Ever Post :)

Well is suppose i should fill you in on myself, im a pretty normal 32 year old love all the normal things in life, some things a little to much he he :) Ill start my blog by filling you in where im at right now in my life and that will lead to why im boring you all to death with this!

Any hoo my life was pretty normal loved having fun with my friends and partying in Manchester and then i decided i was getting on a bit and id better make the effort to find a fella to look after me in me old age. So to cut a long story short internet dating started ( oh way to many funny stories for you there believe me) and it worked found the man of my dreams and moved to Dover in Kent. All is well in Kent well were skint all the time lol but happy and were getting married next year :) 3rd October 2011 i will become a married woman how scary.

So here i am probably the most important 15 months of my life coming up and i decided to share it with the world :) well maybe if anyone is reading this.

Just to back track above i mentioned my love of things in life unfortunately many of those things have been bad for me :( - to name a few - Beer, Chocolate, Takeaways & Shoppings. Hence im 32 a size 28 and in a hell of a lot of debt not far off 20 grand to be exact. Dont get me wrong i had a hell of a lot of fun getting there but now i have to lose weight for my wedding:) so welcome to my mad journey ill keep you updated on whats going on my life. Hope some people out there are mad enough to track me - would be a shame to talk to me self