Friday, 18 June 2010

My First Ever Post :)

Well is suppose i should fill you in on myself, im a pretty normal 32 year old love all the normal things in life, some things a little to much he he :) Ill start my blog by filling you in where im at right now in my life and that will lead to why im boring you all to death with this!

Any hoo my life was pretty normal loved having fun with my friends and partying in Manchester and then i decided i was getting on a bit and id better make the effort to find a fella to look after me in me old age. So to cut a long story short internet dating started ( oh way to many funny stories for you there believe me) and it worked found the man of my dreams and moved to Dover in Kent. All is well in Kent well were skint all the time lol but happy and were getting married next year :) 3rd October 2011 i will become a married woman how scary.

So here i am probably the most important 15 months of my life coming up and i decided to share it with the world :) well maybe if anyone is reading this.

Just to back track above i mentioned my love of things in life unfortunately many of those things have been bad for me :( - to name a few - Beer, Chocolate, Takeaways & Shoppings. Hence im 32 a size 28 and in a hell of a lot of debt not far off 20 grand to be exact. Dont get me wrong i had a hell of a lot of fun getting there but now i have to lose weight for my wedding:) so welcome to my mad journey ill keep you updated on whats going on my life. Hope some people out there are mad enough to track me - would be a shame to talk to me self

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