Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Weigh in & General Phone joy :)

Well weigh in was poo!!!!! I put on half a pound :( isnt it weird that i knew i hadnt lost weight ooooh maybe im psychic anyway that put me in a bad mood last night so i went to bed and watched the boat that rocked to cheer me up.

I thought today was gonna be rubbish as well it didn't start off great i over slept grrrrrrr i hate it when i do that ! Im not good at being late it winds me up - im a grumpy moo sometimes but today turned out better than i thought !

It was upgrade day for my phone always a good day really but i thought i wouldnt be able to get the phone i wanted but i could thanks you woman at orange your great :) So tomorrow my shiny new blackberry 9700 arrives - I Love New Toys !!! Probably wont be able to work it but it should keep me amused for a while and the best thing is i now get to buy a case for it the question is how sparkly do i go !!! Diamonte's here i come woo hoo x

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