Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Weigh In Update

Hi Guys hope everyone is well - well had weigh in last night and wasnt nervous for some reason (maybe i should be i tend to do better lol) anyhoo lost 0.5lb not fabulous but hey it all counts - would have preferred some more but no point moaning no-one will listen ha ha so now i have lost 23.5 pounds in 11 weeks which is better than a kick in the teeth - with another 11 weeks till i start wedding dress shopping so my target for the next 11 weeks is 11 pounds - should be acheivable (hopefully lol)

Have a majorly busy and dangerous food wise week this week so do not think ill be losing next week - arrrgggghhhh gonna try and behave but its gonna be so hard lol. Wednesday im off to see the A-team cant wait so will be KFC for tea gonna be good thou and plan ahead and make sure i have enuff points sorted i should be fine.

Thursday, Friday & Monday im off work very dangerous!! and were off to nottingham for the weekend which means eating out and alcohol - omg im gonna be good take lots of low fat snacks and try and make sensible decisions but its worrying to say the least if i get one of my wild heads on it could all go wrong he he but i can but try.

So hope everyone has a good week and ill speak to you next week - take care folks x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Happy Bunny :)

Its Me again and im happy woo hoo after all my doom and gloom of yesterday ( think i may have been being slightly dramatic! ) i lost 2.5 pounds which means ive now lost 23 pounds yey - 2 pounds off 25lbs and 5 pounds off 2 stone BRILLIANT!!!! Feeling much better and happier silly moo that i am.

Also got a payrise at work yesterday so it turned out a good day in the end despite me being miserable.

Well this week im gonna try extra hard cos i would like to get the 2 pounds off if possible but we will see what happens i suppose xx

Monday, 19 July 2010

Bad Mood :(

Will somebody explain to me why i feel bad please lol its doin my head in !! I havent got much to feel bad about and to top it off i feel really fat today and i just know im gonna have put on tonight at ww :( i can feel it - i will be really annoyed if ive put weight on after i was so good on friday when i was out id rather have enjoyed being bad and understand why ive put weight on if you know what i mean. Anyhoo i suppose we will find out the dreaded result tonight, Ill let you all know tomorrow how i get on.

On the plus side im watching some cross trainers on Ebay as i need to start doing some excercise to shift some weight - so watch this space hopefully in the next couple of weeks ill have one - and then i can come on here and complain about how hard it is lol oooh you are lucky people getting to listen to me moan all the time!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Weddingy Stuff

Hi all how is everyone today im in a very good moond today all happy and smiley :). Have paid the deposit for out civil ceremony today so thats all booked woo hoo 'im getting married in the morning' - well not quite lol its a while away yet he he

And even better i get myself all peed off the other week when i found the perfect champagne flutes to go with my gold wedding theme and they also go with my venue theme any hoo to cut a long story short they had sold out and i was gutted :( but today went over to debenhams and they had some - yey bargain price as well! I luuurrrvvvvve them and they will look fab on my wedding day what do you think guys? Am i mad he he

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I need a good talking to !

and maybe even a slap round the chops !!!

Went to weigh in last night and lost a pound which takes me to 20.5 pounds total loss now in 10 weeks since i joined ww - which im my sensible brain i know is good - so why the hell am i disapointed what is wrong with me - somebody deck me please.

A pound a week is good i know this i have told people this so why do i expect myself to do better and why am i so damn competetive its really sad that im this mental lol.

I know this is working my clothes are all to big im buying smaller clothes yet i still feel bad cos i only lost a pound :( its pathetic that i always give myself such a hard time why cant i be bloody pleased with myself for once. Anyhoo now i have finished moaning about my rubbish personality defects. How are my loyal readers doing? hope your having a good week.

On a positive note we have had all the letters confirming our wedding date 2pm 03/10/2011 woo hoo all we have to do is pay the deposit will get that done this week, and ive also seen the most gorgeous wedding dress in the world on the tinterweb its soooo amazing but to bloody expensive im hoping it looks like shite when i try it on lol as i will be trying it on in October - now all i have to do is work out a way of justifying spending over £1000.00 on a dress i mean jesus thats a lot of money - but it is lovely damn why oh why do i always go for the more expensive things.

Im looking forward to my night out on friday and im gonna try and get pics for you so you can let me know if im looking skinnier he he speak soon x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday Night :)

Hey all well this weeks been ok really i got a small pay rise at work which is always good and i had a nice day today in the end,Wasnt feeling very motivated this morning was a bit tired and grumpy and it was so warm but i dragged myself off my fat arse for a walk and felt a million times better for it gonna try and do the same tomorrow but in the opposite direction up to the local farm shop so hopefully it should all show in inches.

Still dreading weigh in day its looming monday is nearly here again boo hoo - y do i always get so worried about it oh well fingers crossed i get that 1.5 pounds i need for my 3rd silver seven xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Welcome my followers :) yey

Just a quick one guys as im supposed to be working - but hellllloooooo somebody is reading the rubbish i type yey i promise to try and be much more interesting and funny just for you :)Please feel free to leave comments for me.

Anyhoo if you read my last post about my new top from yours i have now sent that back it looked rubbish on and a bit cheap so i though well ill try new look a shop i have avoided for many reasons mainly cos they never have any bloody 26's in stock lol and i dont fit in anything but hey ho times are hard and i want a new top my my night out next week - and i got one a size fits lovely looks great and cos of the style will look ok over the next few months when hopefully im losing weight - bloody brilliant and it was only a tenner - so pleased.

I will try and take a pic next friday when im out so you can see it - size 22 here i come woo hooo xxxx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

woo hoo new clothes :)

well im very excited as i ordered my self a couple of new tops from yours and they have just arrived - tried em on at work as you do. One was a size 24 reduced to a pound in the sale - didnt think it would fit and it does brillian, and another that i bought for going out in a longer top to wear with leggings now its one of these stupid sizes ie its 2 sizes in one so i ordered a 22-24 thinking if its tight well i can slim into it! Well it feels big on ( it was from yours so they are big sizes but hey ho its a victory) - unbelievable anyhoo im gonna try it on again tonight when im at home and see what i think when i can look in a mirror properly but it may have to go back - how brill is that lol! Ive only lost 19.5 pounds so far and didnt really expect to see that much of a difference but i was a size 26-28 in tops ( if they were fitted defo 28 lol ) and my size 30 pants were fitting snuggley ( they used to be big) so im well pleased that its making that much of a difference.

The only problem is now if i send this top back what am i gonna wear when i go out on the 16th lol oh well ill raid me wardrobe and see what i find he he such a giddy aunt at the moment.

Hopefully it will carry on like this and ill soon be the size 22 i wanna be by october for when i go wedding dress shopping - happy happy girl today.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Im useless lol ........

Im so rubbish at keeping this up lol although technically im still not sure if anybody apart from me is reading it pmsl so maybe i can forgive myself.

Had weigh in last night and after being extremely good for a week and i mean very very very good i lost 1.5 pounds was a little gutted so i have decided to test the whole im not eating enuff theory so this week im going to make sure that i eat at least 25 points a day and save 4 points for saturday for my wine and a treat.

Its really weird thou as i have forced myself to snack today but hey im off to iceland tonight to stock up on WW deserts in case i need to emergency use up points so lets see what happens next week.

On the bright side thou i shouldnt feel bad i have lost 19.5 pounds which is nearly 10 bags of sugar and thats a lot of fat to lose.

Anyhoo my other half is doing really well mainly by winging it i think lol he hasnt tracked for 2 weeks and still lost 5 pounds so he is now beating me again - i think thats what grates me more im not winning - bugger!

well i will try and find something exciting to write about this week i promise x