Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I need a good talking to !

and maybe even a slap round the chops !!!

Went to weigh in last night and lost a pound which takes me to 20.5 pounds total loss now in 10 weeks since i joined ww - which im my sensible brain i know is good - so why the hell am i disapointed what is wrong with me - somebody deck me please.

A pound a week is good i know this i have told people this so why do i expect myself to do better and why am i so damn competetive its really sad that im this mental lol.

I know this is working my clothes are all to big im buying smaller clothes yet i still feel bad cos i only lost a pound :( its pathetic that i always give myself such a hard time why cant i be bloody pleased with myself for once. Anyhoo now i have finished moaning about my rubbish personality defects. How are my loyal readers doing? hope your having a good week.

On a positive note we have had all the letters confirming our wedding date 2pm 03/10/2011 woo hoo all we have to do is pay the deposit will get that done this week, and ive also seen the most gorgeous wedding dress in the world on the tinterweb its soooo amazing but to bloody expensive im hoping it looks like shite when i try it on lol as i will be trying it on in October - now all i have to do is work out a way of justifying spending over £1000.00 on a dress i mean jesus thats a lot of money - but it is lovely damn why oh why do i always go for the more expensive things.

Im looking forward to my night out on friday and im gonna try and get pics for you so you can let me know if im looking skinnier he he speak soon x

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