Monday, 19 July 2010

Bad Mood :(

Will somebody explain to me why i feel bad please lol its doin my head in !! I havent got much to feel bad about and to top it off i feel really fat today and i just know im gonna have put on tonight at ww :( i can feel it - i will be really annoyed if ive put weight on after i was so good on friday when i was out id rather have enjoyed being bad and understand why ive put weight on if you know what i mean. Anyhoo i suppose we will find out the dreaded result tonight, Ill let you all know tomorrow how i get on.

On the plus side im watching some cross trainers on Ebay as i need to start doing some excercise to shift some weight - so watch this space hopefully in the next couple of weeks ill have one - and then i can come on here and complain about how hard it is lol oooh you are lucky people getting to listen to me moan all the time!

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