Thursday, 8 July 2010

Welcome my followers :) yey

Just a quick one guys as im supposed to be working - but hellllloooooo somebody is reading the rubbish i type yey i promise to try and be much more interesting and funny just for you :)Please feel free to leave comments for me.

Anyhoo if you read my last post about my new top from yours i have now sent that back it looked rubbish on and a bit cheap so i though well ill try new look a shop i have avoided for many reasons mainly cos they never have any bloody 26's in stock lol and i dont fit in anything but hey ho times are hard and i want a new top my my night out next week - and i got one a size fits lovely looks great and cos of the style will look ok over the next few months when hopefully im losing weight - bloody brilliant and it was only a tenner - so pleased.

I will try and take a pic next friday when im out so you can see it - size 22 here i come woo hooo xxxx

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  1. lol should say size 24 typing to quick again im rubbish lol xxx