Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Im useless lol ........

Im so rubbish at keeping this up lol although technically im still not sure if anybody apart from me is reading it pmsl so maybe i can forgive myself.

Had weigh in last night and after being extremely good for a week and i mean very very very good i lost 1.5 pounds was a little gutted so i have decided to test the whole im not eating enuff theory so this week im going to make sure that i eat at least 25 points a day and save 4 points for saturday for my wine and a treat.

Its really weird thou as i have forced myself to snack today but hey im off to iceland tonight to stock up on WW deserts in case i need to emergency use up points so lets see what happens next week.

On the bright side thou i shouldnt feel bad i have lost 19.5 pounds which is nearly 10 bags of sugar and thats a lot of fat to lose.

Anyhoo my other half is doing really well mainly by winging it i think lol he hasnt tracked for 2 weeks and still lost 5 pounds so he is now beating me again - i think thats what grates me more im not winning - bugger!

well i will try and find something exciting to write about this week i promise x

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