Wednesday, 7 July 2010

woo hoo new clothes :)

well im very excited as i ordered my self a couple of new tops from yours and they have just arrived - tried em on at work as you do. One was a size 24 reduced to a pound in the sale - didnt think it would fit and it does brillian, and another that i bought for going out in a longer top to wear with leggings now its one of these stupid sizes ie its 2 sizes in one so i ordered a 22-24 thinking if its tight well i can slim into it! Well it feels big on ( it was from yours so they are big sizes but hey ho its a victory) - unbelievable anyhoo im gonna try it on again tonight when im at home and see what i think when i can look in a mirror properly but it may have to go back - how brill is that lol! Ive only lost 19.5 pounds so far and didnt really expect to see that much of a difference but i was a size 26-28 in tops ( if they were fitted defo 28 lol ) and my size 30 pants were fitting snuggley ( they used to be big) so im well pleased that its making that much of a difference.

The only problem is now if i send this top back what am i gonna wear when i go out on the 16th lol oh well ill raid me wardrobe and see what i find he he such a giddy aunt at the moment.

Hopefully it will carry on like this and ill soon be the size 22 i wanna be by october for when i go wedding dress shopping - happy happy girl today.

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