Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Weekend

Well friday was a bit of a rubbish day have had a cough and a cold and was feeling sorry for myself was supposed to be going out that night but had to cancel so i didn't pass on the lergie. So idecided to treat myself in the morning so i had my breakfast at Maccy D's yum yum - double sausage & egg meal - it was fit! But i was good the rest of the day and still manage to come in under points woo hoo im a good girl really he he :)

Saturday my gorgeous man was off work and the sun was shining so after a nice lie in we decided to got to deal and have a walk along the seafront and maybe have a mooch round the shops and yes you have guessed it as soon as we got there it pissed it down ! looked like a drowned rat so didn't do as much walking as i wanted and had a fry up lol at the cafe - ended up going over by about 5.5 points yesterday but i had them saved up so i dont mind - Saturday is my treat day and always the day im bad, finished the day with a film & WW wine - I love saturdays with my Man.

Today i'm in for a day of excitement well basically washing! otherwise ill be going to work naked and I don't think the world is quite ready for that yet :)

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