Monday, 28 June 2010

Catch up time

OOOh where have i been i really dont know to be honest lol - nothing exciting has been happening had time of the month last week so was feeling a bit sorry for myself and have had my darling other half all weekend which was nice yey :)

Saturday we went for a walk along the beach and then round the shops although couldnt buy anything as dont get paid till wednesday so i have 80 pence till then woo hoo - im rich - not!!! I should be rich its not fair i would be good at being rich!!

Yesterday i watched the pain that was the england game - my god why do i do it to myself why havent i got the sense to just ignore it lol anyhoo i suppose we have the olympics to look forward to we may win sommat there! My gorgeous man made a scrummy tea last night homemade burges and chips ( oven chips ) i ate loads didnt go over points but still didnt need to eat as much as i did lol but god they tasted well nice.

So today im feeling a bit fat probably cos i scoffed my face last night and its weigh in tonight so im dreading it - i will be happy with any loss please weigh in god!!!

Ill let you know later how i get on ttfn xxx

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