Friday, 18 June 2010

Update on Diet & Wedding prep

Well i have already been dieting for 5 weeks i go to weightwatchers as i need the regular weight in to kick me up the butt im useless without it so fat ive lost 13.5 pounds so all going well. My weigh in night is a monday so im sure ill keep you all updated with whats happening on that front.

Wedding Update: Im a lucky girl my mum is very nicely paying for my wedding which is amazingly generous and i am gonna try and contorl the spending - so far i have picked the venue cant tell you where its a secret just in case anyone i know will find this blog work outs its me and tell everyone i know - thats would be a disaster - lets just say its amazing and i love it. I have also booked the hotel for the wedding party for the night b4 and the night of the wedding apart from that youve not missed much. Oh yeah and ive organised the hen doo lol - i have my priorities in order!!

So your right up to date now with where im at everything else ill report along the way and also probably a load of rubbish you dont need to know but hey im a sharer :)

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  1. Jesus i cant spell sorry folks lol thats cause im rushing ha ha x