Monday, 9 August 2010

sambouca and cake is the way forward in life !

Hullo my loyal readers sorry ive been neglecting you im a bad person i know so what have i got to tell then.

Well didn't weight in last monday as we were late getting back from Nottingham had a great weekend drinking and eating lots - i should have done a blog about the amazing cake i had last week i mean amazing does'nt cover it ! It was sex on a plate god knows how many points it was and i didn't care lol it was ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo good anyhoo came back from nottingham and as we had been bad anyway we decided to compound the bad and have pizza and garlic bread with cheese :( it felt good being bad but the feeling of impending doom was not that good deary me.

Anyhoo to limit any damage caused by the above sex on a plate i tried to be good last week but i had a night out on saturday so started saturday with a fry up ( oh yes from a cafe and everything ) then had a salad and then went out and drank my body weight in alcohol lol i mean cocktail, wine & sambouca - and yes yet again i didnt point and loved every minute of it :) BAD GIRL !!!! So sunday you would think id get up and be good wouldnt you i mean that would be the sane thing to do but hell no i went out for another fry up!!!!

Dear god you can imagine how much i was dreading weigh in cant you so i toddle off tonight thinking i can handle a small gain and jesus i lost 2.5 pounds nearly fell over you know im gonna get bit on the arse next week dont you lol - anyhoo celebrated with a crunchie !!

So hopefully i will be good this week and get some more blubber gone only 2 pounds till 2 stone !!! Go me !!!

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